Athlete Spotlight: Renee (Nay Nay)

Welcome to our very first Athlete Spotlight. We get a kick out of watching our athletes achieve success and we want to recognise those achievements. We know that even the smallest of gains can mean a helluva lot! So well done to all ... but for the moment, let's give a shout out to someone special.

Renee Fagan is one of our most committed, mentally strong and community minded members. Her dedication to her training, particularly over the past few months, has resulted in some tremendous improvement in her strength and technique. She's achieved awesome gains in technical proficiency with her Olympic weightlifting ... leading to regular personal best lifts.

Renee is quiet, but that usually goes hand in hand with her simply getting on with the 'business' ... following the process and being consistent. It has paid off - big time! If something isn’t done right, she'll do it again ... usually refusing to leave the gym until she's happy.

Renee's dedication to her own fitness, is matched only by her compassion, and concern for the rest of us, and especially those beginning their CrossFit journey. She often helps out and supports new members who come into the gym. Renee sets a great example to other women, mothers and anyone who might feel a little uncomfortable in a conventional gym (which we aint!).

She's always there to lend a hand, wherever needed, outside class times and during class. She is a joy to teach, train with, and watch grow.

Renee’s presence in our community does not go unnoticed, and we would like to thank her for being a part of our family here at CrossFit North 16145. Luv ya Nay Nay ... keep on keeping on!

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