Athlete Spotlight: Stani

Stani has been a committed member of our little community for quite a few years. Always quietly working away - usually positioned in the far corner of the gym. But don’t mistake her calm and quiet demeanour for meekness. She is always a picture of determination and focus, and has even jumped into the odd CrossFit competition! Stani didn’t even consider giving CrossFit a break when she found out she was having a baby! So we thought it might be interesting to sit down with her to hear about what its like to  continue to train CrossFit through pregnancy. Here’s what Stani had to say about it.

“I have been doing CrossFit for around three years and it is the only form of exercise I finally stuck to and enjoy. I am the fittest I’ve ever been and it makes me feel strong and happy.

While pregnancy is not an illness, I did consult my doctor and physiotherapist when I found out, to get an okay and ensure I do what is the best for mine and the baby’s well-being. I was determined to keep exercising as long as I am able to.   

All workouts are modifiable to suit the changing body and keep it safe. In general I do all exercises I am used to and still feel comfortable with and found the coaches very supportive, always ensuring my safety. Further into my pregnancy I have had to scale back the intensity and weights, take it easy and focus on stretching, but I still attend the box 2-3 times a week and also fit in some yoga and swimming.

I believe it is so important to be fit both before and during pregnancy – I found the biggest benefits of exercise to be (and not limited to!)

-          Keeping the cravings at bay and stick to a healthy diet, which was not hard for me 

-          Not putting on excessive weight

-          Not letting go of my fitness and flexibility

-          Better sleep

-          Prevention of leg swelling

-          It clears my head, keeps those endorphins flowing after each wod

-          I expect an easier ‘snap back’ after birth

-          Preparation for the labour and birth itself, it being compared to a marathon!  

-          It also prepares the body physically for caring for the baby … involving lifting, bending, running around and overall,  just keeping up with the endless tasks and chores

-          Sets the right example for the child from the beginning. 


CrossFit is infinitely scale-able! That’s just a fancy way of saying anyone can reap the benefits of our program at CrossFit North 16145. When we say anyone, we mean anyone. We just need a little commitment, and a desire to maximise your health and fitness outcomes. We don’t know how much longer Stani plans to work out in the final weeks leading up to the big day. But we wouldn’t be surprised to find a pair of Nanos stuffed into her hospital overnight bag when that day arrives.