Beginners are Winners!

Beginners are truly winners! We definitely love that title. Our first Beginners’ Course for the year just wrapped. These sorts of events are always exciting for us because we get the chance to introduce CrossFit to a whole bunch of new people. We get to see their expressions change as they start to realise that what we’ve been saying all along, does actually make sense when you’re actually ‘doing it’ in the box. At the end of the course, they can see the road ahead and they understand how to let CrossFit be their ticket to getting the most out of life, for the rest of their lives. Functional fitness according to the CrossFit prescription = WINNING AT LIFE!

Our Beginners will also get to experience the real power of community. We often talk about the role this aspect of CrossFit plays in helping participants be accountable and committed.  Many of those doing similar things outside of the CrossFit framework try to replicate this. But it’s never the same nor as powerful. The participants in our beginners’ program will be introduced to the power of a global movement that will help them stay the course like never before. Exciting times ahead for them.  There’ll be new skills, new milestones, first time PBs. And most importantly, there’ll be the awesome, world changing realisation that each and every participant is capable of much more than they themselves might have dared to believe! That’s something we love to see and it’s one of the best things about coaching CrossFit.

As a beginner there are some things to remember that will help with progress along the way. So this next bit is directed at you ... the beginner.

Trust the process.

You can watch CrossFitters in action anywhere these days. Our feeds are awash with PBs, gruelling WODs, crazy gymnastics - you name it! it’s fun to see and its all good until you let it affect your own trajectory. Stay in your lane. This is about trusting this process by allowing your coach to guide you through the mechanics of the movements and the various aspects of the CrossFit approach. Work on your form so that it’s the best you can muster, on a consistently regular basis. Congratulate the person working out next to you on their effort after the workout - but try not to rate yourself by using someone else’s performance as your measure. They were beginners too.

Pay attention to your recovery

If your coach suggests extra stretching and mobility work at home, then find time to do it. Put a reminder in your calendar. Don’t skimp on this aspect because it helps you with your consistency and you won’t feel as sore post-workout. The other really important thing is sleep. We all know that most of the growth we experience happens whilst we’re in dreamland. So make sure you get lots of shut-eye. If you’re working out early in the a.m. then don’t turn up half asleep. Try to be sufficiently rested so that you’re up and about for at least an hour before your WOD.

Eat well and regularly

Don’t skimp on the calories. Having said that, you should go for the quality stuff. If you don’t normally consume a lot of protein then think about changing that in order to aid your recovery. Good quality carbohydrates are essential to providing the fuel you need. In the short term there will be some calibrating that takes place on the nutrition side of things. But you can simplify all that by eating clean (or as clean as possible), eating regularly, and perhaps increasing your protein intake. If you haven’t already done so … you should also say goodbye to sugar.

Ask questions

We love to talk about CrossFit. Its the opposite of Fight Club!

Be early

Being early for the session means more time to do mobility exercises and to ensure you understand the WOD. Your coach will brief you, but when they say ‘are there any questions?’ there’s usually a deathly silence. A lesser known fact is that coaches love questions (see above)! So come early, read the board so you know what the WOD is - and work out what it is that you don’t understand. That’s what you need to ask about. 

This is a long distance event

We make no short term promises in CrossFit. Whereas, anyone reading this probably has an unsolicited 12 week weight loss program email (or two) in their spam folder. The only thing that has a 12 week program attached to it in our program is our strength cycle. And we’ll even do that bad boy at least twice a year! So remember, this is quite a journey. But it’s punctuated with lots of milestones along the way. Achievement of those goals is a fantastic, tangible way for each beginner to see that progress is being made. And here’s the greatest thing about it … it never stops.

Pro tip: writing stuff down is a tried and proven method used to ensure consistency and accountability. Get an exercise book or diary. Use it from day 1 and you’ll be able to look back on where you started. Seeing how far you've come is the best motivation to keep going that there is.