Why is CrossFit 'so expensive'?


Alright, so it’s time to address the age-old question about why CrossFit is so 'expensive'. If you look around Cairns, local CrossFit boxes price their memberships in the same neighbourhoods. Inclusions and exclusions might vary - but generally our fees are all within the same ball park. At our box we start at $40 per week for 3 sessions of CrossFit. Now for some … that’s already way too much to be charging for a gym membership. For us however … the real question those people should be asking themselves is why they’re not ready to pay three times that amount when it comes to their health and fitness?

But lets look at this question by examining the alternatives. There are conventional commercial gyms in Cairns offering memberships for as little as $10 a week, no contract. Sounds great! That’s less than $600 for a year. But think about what you get for $10 a week. In most cases it's a pass that gives you 24 hour access and that's about it. If you want some help with programming or technique then that's usually an extra cost ... and it's a one-off. Pay again if you want more help. And everything just described is based on the assumption that you will turn up to use your membership.

Now for some reality. For $10 a week ... it's easy to take a break from the gym. That break often turns into a long holiday. A familiar story right? You may think you’re getting a bargain. But what you haven't bought with your $10 is a little thing we call ACCOUNTABILITY. This is the one thing that should come with every membership. You see ... conventional gyms bank on you eventually taking that long holiday ... after which you either forget you have a $10 membership, or you feel so de-motivated you can't even find the strength to front up at the gym reception counter to cancel. So you keep on paying, and paying and paying. See where this is going?

Now if you doubt that conventional gyms use this model, then consider how many people hold memberships at your gym or any gym for that matter. It would have to be a number in the several hundreds, if not thousands in some cases. What would happen if every member decided to use their memberships every day for a week? How long do you think the queue would be for your favourite bench press? Bottom line. Conventional commercial gyms fully expect that a bunch of members will either use their memberships sparingly, or not show up at all.

So why are we different?

CrossFit North 16145 runs what are effectively group personal coaching sessions. Our members are called athletes regardless of age, gender or physical limitation. We know the personal training history of all of our athletes. We program their development to the minutest detail and take care to ensure that everyone gets to experience success. Why? Because success is a good habit to get addicted to. It’s the result of the elusive ACCOUNTABILITY factor. Once you’ve experienced the connection between accountability and success, then you become the person who is always turning up to class before the gym even opens. Added to this is the plain truth that if you're missing from our sessions for more than a week ... we come looking! We’re a part of a local and global CrossFit community that is hell-bent on bringing real fitness to our local community, and the world.

Side note: If you have a gym membership estimate how many times you attended in 2018 versus how many days you had off. What % of the year did you devote to your fitness? Do the same thing even if you didn’t have a gym membership. What % of the year would you say you devoted to your fitness? Then take note of the fact that most of our athletes train a minimum of 2 to 3 times a week and that most of them only took 2 to 3 weeks off in 2018. In some cases, they’ve been doing that for 6 years and counting. They’re just ordinary people like you, with jobs and families and commitments … but they keep coming!

Your CrossFit membership includes much more than merely giving you access to a daily workout. Yes, membership fees help us to pay the bills. But at the end of the day what you're really paying for is your future. If you knew there was a way to ensure that your mind and body continued to be as active and as healthy as possible, for as long as possible … what do you think that would be worth?

Still some doubt? Consider the fact that foregoing 4 barista made coffees a week, and 2 cafe lunches will pay for a weekly CrossFit membership! Plus you get just as much socialising (if not more so) in a CrossFit box than you would at the funkiest local coffee shop or cafe!

Check out this youtube clip from the guys at CrossFit Soar in the U.S. Hopefully this will help to answer those lingering questions that might still be .. well … lingering!