Our Sessions

CrossFit North 16145 members have access to our exclusive members only site where sessions can be booked online. On this page you'll find some useful information about our sessions and the schedule. If you want to know more, head on over to our contact page and send us a message.



1 hour

Mondays   Tuesdays  Wednesdays
5:15am  6:15am   5:30pm

Fridays                    Saturdays

5:15am  6:15am          7:30am

CrossFit is a style of workout that anyone can do. We mean that! Anyone! Even better ... it's potentially life changing! We mean that too. You'll find yourself running, jumping, lifting weights, climbing things and hanging from other things. We purposely aim for constant variation in terms of the workouts, the skills used, and the specific aspects of overall fitness that might be the focus. Constant variation means achieving goals faster without ever being bored with your workouts.

Oly Squad

1 hour 30 mins



Olympic style weightlifting is for everybody. You don't need to be huge or have mountainous shoulders and thighs. Having said that ... you do need to be prepared to work hard and practise - practise -practise! The rewards ... in terms of strength development and mobility gains - are well worth it. Oly lifting is a discipline ... where mastery of technique can help us all achieve the most amazing things!

Open Gym

2 hours


Open gym is your 'me time'! Do the WOD, work on a skill, pick someone's brains or try for that new 'PB'. Be respectful, follow the rules and have fun! Open gym is a fave session amongst our members. It's the one time during you workout week when you get to choose what YOU want to do and how you want to use your time.