Kickstart your CrossFit experience

The Kickstarter will teach you the fundamentals of CrossFit. We'll take you through the basics in a safe and supportive environment under the watchful eye of one of our experienced Coaches. Kickstarter is where everyone starts their CrossFit journey, and anyone can do it ... no-matter how experienced they are, or what their fitness level might be. We focus on the individual needs of every participant. This is the best way to get started, and it helps to ensure that once you do start ... you keep on going!

The process kicks off with an hour long one-on-one session, called the Kickstarter Consult. This is where your coach will gather the information needed to induct you into Kickstarter. You'll also receive all the information needed to begin Kickstarter at the next scheduled opportunity.

Working on the basics takes time ... and success requires some commitment. This is why Kickstarter was created. You'll need to complete a minimum number of Kickstarter sessions before our coaches will assess your readiness to commence regular CrossFit sessions.

At CrossFit North 16145 we often talk about fitness, good health and happiness as one and the same journey. And whilst every journey needs to have a beginning ... why settle for a 'walk-up start' ... KICKSTART it!