Drop in for a visit

Visitors are welcome. Come do a work-out with us and make sure you snap a selfie to mark the occasion!  But if you're new to CrossFit then please don't select this option. Send us a message and we'll contact you  so that we can suggest some alternatives. Once you’ve selected an option your profile will be created in our system and you can then reserve a spot in the desired session or sessions.


1 Week Visitor Pass

The 1 Week Pass is only available to visitors with CrossFit experience. Weekly passes are valid and activated immediately,as at the date of purchase. If you're wanting to purchase a pass in advance then please contact us to set this up for you.


Drop In

We love visitors to the box! Once purchased you have 1 week to use your drop in pass. CrossFit experience is essential though folks! If you’re new to CrossFit then go ahead and contact us … we’d be happy to help you get started.